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Correct use of light conveyer belt
- Jan 17, 2018 -

At present, a large number of small pipeline enterprises are developing continuously. No matter in the food industry or handicraft industry, they need to use light transport to replace pipelined manpower, which can increase profits. The light conveyor belt is a special treatment of polyacetate knitted fabric, which is made up of single or double sided coated rubber or PVC, PU and PE as the loading skeleton. It should be paid attention to when it is used.

1. Install correctly

The interface is running in the direction or in the opposite direction, depending on the working condition of the machine. The surface of scraper or brush work, should consider the surface along the direction of operation, the surface of scraper or brush work, should consider the surface along the direction of operation, no work surface is considered negative along the direction of operation, import belt, tooth type interface without direction, lap.

Two. The adjustment of the light conveyer belt is correct

The frame material is usually made up of iron or aluminum alloy, and the conveyor belt is made up of rubber or PVC and other fiber materials. Improper adjustment will cause damage to the conveyor belt. This work should be requested by experienced technicians to adjust patiently, and also to consult the manufacturer of light conveyor belt.

Three, extension adjustment

Light conveyor belts with polyester fiber and polymer materials, although has adopted compulsory stretching in vulcanization, fiber and weaving products plasticizing process, but in the manufactured goods have a retraction process, in the process of using the retraction process or extension, so in the first use of that adjustment should not be too tight, in operation 3-5 days or 40 hours, and then adjusted to the applicable state is quite good, the internal stress distribution of the belt body has reached a uniform state. The conveyor belt at this time will not extend again.

Four. Surface cleaning

When the conveyor belt manufacturers recommend cleaning surface stains, can use neutral detergent, also can use alcohol, acetone wipe. It is prohibited to use pure chemical items.