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Core rubber surface process considerations Preparation work
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Core rubber surface process considerations Preparation work

1. choose the right location (power, ventilation, effect) and then open the guide of each coil to the desired bonding position.

2. inspection of vulcanizing equipment, check whether the fittings used for vulcanized joints are complete.

Layered treatment and bonding of field joints.

1. Carry out the step treatment of the belt, after processing, use the angle mill to match the tungsten steel grinding disc to make roundabout grinding for the step surface.

2. Clean and polish the surface and evenly spread the hot vulcanized glue on the grinding part.

3. The upper part of the brush should be covered with rata rubber belt joint unvulcanized core glue and unvulcanized rubber. When the shop is paved, it should be paved as flat as possible, and use the wallpaper knife to draw two knives on the unvulcanized glue to avoid the bulging.

4. Use the vulcanizing machine to butt up the head surface to heat up and pressurize. (when the temperature reaches 145 degrees, there must be 40-45 minutes of constant temperature). When the time arrives, stop heating.

5. After the vulcanizing machine is cooled, remove the vulcanizing machine, then use the rubber knife to repair the nylon belt joint parts, and then finish the vulcanization after finishing.