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Conveyor belt manufacturers: maintenance and precautions for food conveyor belts
- Feb 09, 2018 -

    Food conveyor belt maintenance and notices have great influence on the operation of the conveyor belt, sometimes may directly affect the efficiency and yield of our production, conveyor belt manufacturers first to introduce some material with the composition of food transportation, food conveyor belt conveyor belt is polyurethane (PU) by the special treatment of polyester composite fabric as bearing skeleton, coated with polyurethane (PU) resin as a loading surface.

    Polyurethane (PU) conveyor belt conveyor belt has features of high tensile strength, good flexibility, light toughness, oil resistant, non-toxic and easy cleaning. The conveyor belt is in line with the US FDA food hygiene standard. The conveyor belt has good wear resistance and physical aging resistance. It is a durable conveyor belt product. Today, the conveyor belt manufacturers will give you a brief introduction of the maintenance and use of food conveyor belts.

Maintenance and maintenance:

    The food conveyor belt should be kept in transportation and storage. Avoid sunlight or rain or snow, prevent contact with acid, alkali oil, organic solvents and other substances, and distance from the heating device. In storage, the temperature in the warehouse should be kept between -18 and 40, and the relative temperature should be kept between 50-80%RH. During storage, the product should be placed in volume, not folded, and should be turned every season during the storage. The conveyor belts of different types and specifications are not suitable to be used together, and the joint is better to be glued. The specifications, types, structures, specifications and layers of the conveyer belt should be selected rationally according to the conditions of use. The running speed of the conveyer belt should not be as large as 2.5 meters per second, the bulk of the block is large, the material with large wear and the use of the fixed plow type unloading device should be used as far as possible at low speed.

    Monster belting suggested that the conveyor drive roller diameter and the conveying belt cloth layer, Guan Di read drum, drum to the supporting roller and groove angle requirements should be based on the design requirements of transport, reasonable selection. The feeding direction should be running direction of the belt to reduce impact on the tape falling material should be used when the chute, reduce material falling distance; tape feeding section should shorten the distance between rollers and the buffer roller, to prevent leakage, should use the block plate of moderately soft side, in order to avoid blocking plate excellent scratch, conveyor belt surface.

Use note:

(1) avoid rollers from being covered with materials, resulting in poor rotation and preventing leakage between the rollers and the tapes. Pay attention to the lubrication of the active part, but not the oily conveyor belt.

(2) conveyor belt manufacturers remind that the conveyor belt to avoid load start;

(3) the tape takes place and should be corrected in time.

(4) it is found that the local operation of tape should be repaired in time so as to avoid the expansion of the tape.

(5) to avoid suffering from tape rack, block pillar or bulk material, prevent Pengpo tear.