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conveyer material of the belt conveyor
- Dec 11, 2017 -

The conveyer material of the belt conveyor is one of the widely used means of transportation in the world. This way can not only achieve long distance and mass transportation, but also has better economic efficiency and lower transport cost compared with other transport equipments. Therefore, the traditional belt conveyor is widely used in mine, power plant, chemical industry, cement, food processing and other industries. But there are many shortcomings in the traditional belt conveyor. When transporting powdery and granular bulk materials, especially transporting materials such as cement, fertilizer, coal and ore powder, because they are open to transport, the material spilled and flying will seriously pollute the environment in the process of transporting materials. At the same time, the material is also affected by the sun, wind and rain, which can easily cause loss and waste.

Emergence of tubular belt conveyor system, solves the shortcomings of the traditional belt conveyor, it can be like a straw, enclosed conveying materials, to prevent environmental pollution in the process of delivery of bulk material, waste materials and other issues, the cost and the traditional belt conveyor, this system makes the closed tubular conveyor transport material to become a reality.

Now the countries that use tubular transport systems include Japan, the United States, Germany, Britain, France, Italy, South Africa and other countries. The Japanese company with tubular stone used in transporting grain, papermaking raw material, cement and coal, sand, steel mills to dip material etc.. It can transport coal across the highway, it can be transported by three dimensional curves, and can be transported vertically at right angles in some special occasions, and it can also be transported in shape. It can design layout according to geographical location in various ways.

Tubular belt conveyor belt can also transfer the traditional can transport materials, such as coal, mortar; terrain and facilities across traditional belt can't cross transmission, such as high-rise buildings, the reclamation of rivers, etc. in the construction of rail transportation; transport across the roads, rivers, valleys, the terrain. Due to the characteristics of the tubular belt and the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the tubular belt will gradually replace the traditional conveyor belt in more occasions. Therefore, the market potential of the tubular belt is huge, and it is a kind of environment-friendly transportation mode with a promising future.

Tubular belt has been developing rapidly because of its advantages in structure, performance, environmental protection, maintenance, transportation cost, construction cost and so on. Now, a variety of products with various functions have been formed. At present, the production and technical level of the domestic tubular belt are still far behind the developed countries.

In recent years, the practice of many countries has proved that tubular conveyer system is an ideal conveying system. It is simple in structure, small in area and high in transport efficiency, and its cost is close to the traditional belt conveyor.

The working principle of the system is simple. The traditional belt conveyor is trough or flat, while the tubular belt conveyor is circular on the delivery surface and the return side. The material is added when the flat part is transitional to form, and the conveyor belt is round after passing through the groove transition part. The conveyer belt is wrapped around the conveyed material in a circular tube. At the unloading section, the conveyor belt is unfolded again through the groove transition stage, unloading the transported material, and then forming a circle again on the return side. When running, there is no material spilling on the return side, so the system runs in an infinite way repeatedly.