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Common problems and solutions for industrial belt
- Feb 27, 2018 -

   The life of the belt is not enough: it can not pass the life test. This is mainly decided by the characteristics of the belt, but it can extend the life by solving the unnecessary loss. Such as: to ensure the driving wheel and from the moving wheel in the direction of the belt in the direction of the same plane and to keep the belt between the right axis and so on.

          The industrial belt is overloaded for a long time, and the belt is continuously loaded with heavy load. Control belt overload operation, reduce belt heavy load start, install belt overload start protection (mechanical protection and electrical protection), reduce belt long term overload, and focus on starting impact damage belt joint.

         The industrial belt is torn laterally, and is forced to repair and repair, repair or vulcanise the belt joint.

Head of belt wheel, tail wheel, drum to drum, counterweight installation precision failed, causing the belt weight deviation, rack tear; adjust the belt wheel, head and tail wheel, drum to drum level, weight (+ 0.5mm), verticality and both sides of the belt rack, diagonal error (1mm), installation the deviation of the chain shutdown protection device to reduce downtime or heavy weight belt deviation deviation of belt chain belt protection, avoid horizontal tear injury.