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Characteristics, types and functions of industrial belts
- Jan 16, 2018 -

The industrial belt means the belt used in industry, also known as the transmission belt, and the belt. According to the material, is divided into PVC (general economy), PU (resistance), PE (non-toxic), silicone, Teflon (high temperature), widely used in power driven machinery and motor and equipment transfer or transfer products.


Drive industrial belt transmission compared to the other, with small noise, the transmission mechanism is simple, low cost of equipment. It has been widely used in the field of industrial production and transport of goods.

The types of industrial belts are:

1, according to the band structure of distributed packet classification, namely the outer package cloth belt; cutting edge type, which side is the cutting plane (no cloth belt).

2, according to with core structure classification, namely to ply cord fabric, is a strong layer of the belt; the rope core, taking the rope as a brute force layer belt.

3, according to the transmission use classification:

With A, industrial, industrial machinery to drive belt on the belt; automotive transmission for vehicle and tractor with internal combustion engine.

B, automotive transmission belt, special vehicle and tractor with internal combustion engine.

C, agricultural belt transmission belt to work, harvesters and other agricultural equipment.

D, transmission belt, and pitch diameter variable belt wheel force related to use, for a range of continuously changing the belt drive, the relative height is generally below 0.5

E, with light load, for small power transmission

F antistatic belt, with antistatic belt.


4, according to variety classification: triangle belt, six angle belt, five angle belt, seven angle belt, Teflon belt, joint belt, multi wedge belt, casting tooth stepless belt, wide belt, synchronous belt (i.e., timing belt, BELT TIMEING) round belt conveyor with, baseband, flexible belt, elastic belt.