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- May 07, 2018 -

  2. 1.Boot assembly

    • Securely mount to either the floor or a concrete pad with anchor bolts.

    • Shim and adjust the assembly until it is plum and level. Since this is the starting point of the elevator, any inaccuracy will be amplified as the height increases.

    • After the boot assembly is level and plum, grout is poured around the base. This builds additional support and seals up any gaps that may exist.

  3. 2.Intermediate assembly

    • All of FEECO’s elevator components are designed with matching bolt flanges; when installing intermediate sections, align the flanges and fasten them together using the specified hardware.

    • Periodic checks for level and plum should be done as well.

    • Bracings or tie-ins to the building structure are required every 20 feet.

  4. 3.Head assembly

    • Align the bolt flange to the previous intermediate assembly and fasten together using the specified hardware.

    • Remove top section of the guard/casing.

  5. 4.Bucket and belt/chain assembly

    • Fasten the buckets to the belt or chain through the designated mounting holes using the specified hardware.

    • With the top guard section of the head assembly removed, feed a lifting cable or chain down to the boot.

    • Using this cable, lift the bucket and belt/chain assembly up through the elevator, around the head pulley, and back down to the boot.

    • Depending on chain or belt, join or splice the two ends together.

  6. 5.Initial startup

    • Retract throat plates as far away from the bucket as possible (these should be ½” away after all initial setup adjustments have been made).

    • With the belt option, an average 2% belt stretch needs to be accounted for during initial startup. The take-up, located on the boot assembly, is where this adjustment can be made.

    • With the chain option, 1” chain movement should be obtained. Again, this adjustment can be made at the take-up.

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