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Advantages and disadvantages of various conveyor belts
- Nov 17, 2017 -

1. Steel cord conveyor belt

Advantages: high tensile strength, can meet the large conveying capacity and long distance transportation requirements; the minimum elongation, tension travel requirements of short conveyor; the anti bending fatigue and impact resistance performance and good dynamic performance, long service life, high efficiency and service life of joint; the allowable conveyor roller diameter; good thermal conductivity, suitable for high speed operation; and the steel cord conveyor belt conveyor system easy to adapt to the special conditions of the ground, such as ditch, highway crossing various terrain conditions.

Disadvantages: anti longitudinal tear difference; high driving power required for body weight; mechanical buckle can not be connected; High installation and maintenance requirements; high input cost.



2. Canvas core conveyor belt

Advantages: as with traditional uses transport due to the use of various synthetic fiber instead of cotton fiber as a framework, improve the strength of the conveyor belt, can meet the requirements of long distance and high load for the conveyor; the thinning of the belt body, reduce conveyor roller diameter, improve the conveying belt; increase the conveying belt safety factor, prolong the service life of the conveyor belt; the available mechanical and curing connection; the price is relatively low, a low cost, is widely used in mining, building materials, electric power, coal, metallurgy, ports, chemical and other fields, such as for impact resistant occasions the nylon canvas belt; for moisture resistant mildew resistant, small elongation occasions for polyester canvas belt; nylon, polyester canvas with high strength requirements; and strength requirements of the conveyor belt as the conveyor With product design, requirements for conveyor belts in gypsum board plant is very flat is required by cotton canvas belt.

Disadvantages: the impact resistance is poor; after damage (especially the edge) is easy to separate water; second, it is difficult to meet the safety standards of coal mine; and in contrast, the use of the initial extension growth requires the conveyor tension device travel long.



3.plastic surface whole core conveyor belt and rubber surface whole core conveyor belt (commonly known as PVC belt and PVG belt)

Advantages: the anti static properties of flame retardant, the outstanding, can meet the requirements of safety in coal mine; as the skeleton is braided structure, tear resistance, good anti impact performance; the resistance to water intrusion; the easy cleaning; it can meet the design requirements of the long distance conveyor belt, and because the light required the driving power is small; the available mechanical and curing connection.

Faults: relatively speaking, using the initial elongation requirements, conveyor tensioning device of long stroke; the trough of belt and belt width limit, the entire core strength high, narrow band width into the slot, installation, debugging difficulties; the affected by the temperature, PVC generally do not on the ground transportation; because of the PVC plastic rubber surface friction coefficient than low, PVC belt for conveying angle of not more than 12 degrees, and the material moisture appropriate requirements.