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A brief introduction to the Monster conveyor
- Dec 25, 2017 -

Monster conveyor belt and the friction drive principle according to the movement, suitable for conveying bulk density less than 1.67/ tons / m3, cut materials and low grinding material bags easy to dig the powdery, granular and small shape, such as coal, gravel, sand, cement, chemical fertilizer, food etc.. The  conveyor belt can be used in the range of -20 C to +40 C, and the temperature of the material is less than 60 C. The machine length and assembly form can be determined according to the requirements of the user, the drive can be used to drive the electric roller, and the driving device with the drive frame can be used.

Conveyor Scope of application:

Conveyor can be used for horizontal or tilted transportation, very convenient to use, widely used in various industrial enterprise modernization, such as underground tunnels, mine transportation system, the mining field and ore dressing plant in mine. According to the requirements of transportation technology, it can be transported by a single unit, or can be made up of multiple components or other conveying devices to form a horizontal or inclined conveying system to meet the needs of different layout forms of operation lines.

Conveyor working principle:

Belt conveyor consists of two main endpoint roller and a sleeve on the closure of the conveyor belt. The roller that drives the conveyor belt is called the driving drum (the drive roller), and the other only is that the roller that changes the direction of the movement of the conveyor belt is called the modified roller. The driving roller is driven by the motor through the reducer, and the conveyor belt depends on the friction between the driving cylinder and the conveyor belt. The driving rollers are generally installed at the unloading end to increase the traction force and facilitate the drag. The material is fed into the feeding end and falls on the rotating conveyor belt, and is transported to the unloading end by the friction of the conveyor belt.

Adhesive six brand conveyor technical advantages:

It is reliable operation. In many important production units that need continuous operation, such as power plant coal transportation, steel and cement plant bulk material transportation, and port loading and unloading, etc., the belt conveyor is adopted. If you stop on these occasions, the loss is huge. When necessary, the belt conveyor can work continuously in class one shift.

Belt conveyor with low power consumption. Because of the material and the conveying belt is almost no relative movement, not only the running resistance is small (about 1/3-1/5, and the scraper conveyor) on the wear and broken theirshipments are small, high productivity. These all help to reduce the cost of production.

Transmission line belt conveyor adaptable and flexible. The length of the line is determined according to the needs. It is a few meters short, and the length is more than 10km. It can be installed in small tunnels, and can also be erected over ground traffic chaos and dangerous areas.

According to process requirements, the belt conveyor can be very flexible by the material from one or more points. Can also provide more points or sections of unloading. At the same time when the feed to the conveyor belt at several points (e.g. washery coal bin under the conveyor) or at any point along the length of the belt conveyor in the direction of the feeding device to feed conveyor, belt conveyor has become a major transportation route.

The belt conveyor can be used in the roadway under the material pile of the coal yard. When needed, different materials can be mixed. The material can be easily discharged from the head of the conveyor, or by plough unloading or mobile discharge car at any point in the direction of the length of belt conveyor unloading.