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Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt For Biscuit

Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt For Biscuit

Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt for Biscuit.It is driven with cross rod which connects the chain stands by either side with belt, The density of wire mesh fabric depends on the size of products on the belt. Widely used in baking oven, quenching tank, washing machine, fryer, and freezer. etc.

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Product Details

Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt for Biscuit  

Product Applications (Perfect for heavy loads or use in ovens and small parts processing)

a. Tunnel Oven Belts
b. Annealing Oven Conveyor Belts
c. Glass and Ceramics Oven Belts
d. Metal Parts Conditioning and Annealing Belts
e. Small Parts Processing Belts

The surface of mesh belt is flat and smooth, the belts can carry small and unstable products.
The mesh belt has high tension, can be transport the heavy load.
Strength against pressure high, the mesh belt can be used for processing underpressure.
The mesh belt can be use at high temperature.
The mesh belt can be used for textile products refining and clearning process.

materialwire diameter(mm)spiral pitch(mm)rod pitch (mm)rod diameter(mm)
length 90m x width 1m  carbon steel 1.2591.4
lenght90m xwidth1mss3041.2591.4

Oven Wire Mesh Belt for Bakery Equipment

1:the postive sprocket drive ensures stable running 
2:large open area ensures high air permeability and dehydraton capacity 
3:the belt can be easily washed 
4:because the belt has smooth  surface , it can carry unstable products

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