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Spiral Wire Link Belt For Bread And Shrimp

Spiral Wire Link Belt For Bread And Shrimp

Spiral Freezer Belt for Bread, Shrimp, Ice Cream.There are relevant Spiral wire link belt specifications and product customized data.

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Product Details

Spiral Conveyor Belt for Food Processing Equipment


Spiral Freezer Belt for Bread, Shrimp, Ice Cream.

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Spiral belt Description: 

Spiral belt is made of "U" chain, spiral wire, and rod. Spiral wire is crossed by rods and then linked by "U" chains. The belt has very good turning capabilities and can go 180 degree curves. 

With the smooth belt surface, good air circulation and easy-cleanable capabilities, the belt can bear high pressure and stress. Also, the belt is easy to maintain and dismantle, side guard available. 

Spiral belt Specification

Item NameSpecifcationMaxMinRemark

Spiral wire

Link belt

Width4.0m0.2mInclude side chain width
Wire diameter5.0mm0.5mmUsual 1.0 - 3.0mm
Spiral pitch20mm3.0mm 
Cross wire pitch50mm5.0mm 
Support rod12.0mm4.0mmCommon 6.0 and 8.0mm
Material grade

Iron steel Q195 or 235

Ss 201, 304, 316L, 430 

Driven type

Sprockets and chains

Spiral wire link belt customized data 

Food Freezer Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt

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