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Timing Belt

  • Plastic Flat Top Timing Belt

    Plastic Flat Top Timing Belt

    Product Description
    1.Good quality raw material,pecision machining and strict inspection
    2. Non-standard,OEM.
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  • PU Timing Belt

    PU Timing Belt

    Rubber open end timing belts are rubber based timing belts manufactured with high quality materials and unique fabrication technology.Especially suitable for linear motion systems,typically applies in: Automatic doors,CNC Machine tools,Printers etc.High load capacity,low...Read More

  • Rubber Timing Belt

    Rubber Timing Belt

    industrial rubber transmission timing belt
    1. The wrapper protects the inner layer,strong durability
    2. Special core rubber used small elongation and long service life
    3. Excellent heat-resistance oil-proof and wearing resistance
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  • Industrial Transmission V Belts

    Industrial Transmission V Belts

    Industrial Transmission V Belts Description of Product 1.Industrial timing belt: Our timing belts are manufactured in imported neoprene rubber and PU materials which have various tension members by vulcanize process. High quality raw material and the advanced craft unify...Read More

  • Round Tooth Timing Belt

    Round Tooth Timing Belt

    PU synchronous belt is made of thermoplastic polyurethane material. Skeleton applies steel wire aramid cord to ensure the sound drive properties, accurate and smooth drive .It functions as drive and transfer.Read More

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