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Ultra Wide Conveyor Belt

Ultra Wide Conveyor Belt

Ultra Wide Conveyor belt ,Material similar to fabric strengthen belt, the largest width up to 6600mm. We import AIO equipment from Germany, our technology is top 3 in China, our products are well sold worldwide through cooperate with trading company.

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Composition of FRAS compounds differs from one country to the other and also in between surface and underground application conforming to the regulatory standard of each country. Therefore, care shall be taken to ensure that proper compounds are used when undertaking any splicing work on solid woven FRAS PVC belting. 

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The method of splicing described in these guidelines and the materials specified to be used have been developed to ensure that a high strength, reliable joint is achieved. Further, for high strength solid woven belts the finger method contained herein represent the preferred jointing methodology for these bets.

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Type: Ultra Wide Conveyor belt

Application:Horizontal transport /security check/large equipment/chemical/industry

Dimension(L*W*H): Customized Size

  • Abrasion resistant

  • Heat resistant

  • Fire resistant

  • Acid/Alkali resistant

  • Corrosion prevention

  • Impact resistant

  • Oil resistant

  • Coldresistant


General Parameters                                                          

Ultra Wide Conveyor belt ,Material similar to fabric strengthen belt, the largest width up to 6600mm. We import AIO equipment from Germany, our technology is top 3 in China, our products are well sold worldwide through cooperate with trading company.




CodeNumber of plies

Thickness ofcover(mm)

Width (mm)Length (m/roll)
Cotton CanvasCC-651-121.5-400-10300-6600100-300


Standard of different feature conveyor belt

Heat resistantHG2297 T1(≤100℃)  T2(≤125℃)
High temperature resistantHG2297 T3(≤150℃)
Fire resistanctResistant to ≥200℃ burning
Heat&abrasion resistantResistant to 125℃,abrasion loss≤150mm3
Abrasion resistantabrasion loss≤90mm3
Flame retardantGB10822-89
Cold resistantBrittleness temperature: -50℃
Oil/Acid/Alkali resistantHG-846
PVC PVGBS3289 MT914-2002 HG2805


Main Features                                         

Normal conveyor belt

Cotton belt:Low extension rate, good adhesiveness, suitable for middle/short distance conveying.

Heavy intensity belt

Nylon belt&Polyester belt: heavy loading capacity, Impact resistant, Good abrasion resistance, High tenacity low shrinkage,suitable for high load, high speed middle/long distance conveying.

Oil/Acid/Alkali resistant belt

Heat/high temperature resistant belt

Temperature scope from 120℃ to 180℃.


A convenient workplace is a prerequisite for a good splice work. Preparing a suitable workspace well before undertaking the actual work optimizes the total time required between the start and end of the required work. The following conditions should be complied with: 

a) The workplace must be dry and as dust free as possible. Degree of atmospheric moisture and dust present at the workplace has a direct bearing on the quality and effectiveness of adhesion. 

b) Movement of air must be kept to a minimum. 

c) The workplace must have adequate light to ensure a clear and safe working environment. 

d) When working on a conveyor, a worktable to accommodate the press and a preparation table is required. About 3 metres (10 feet) free space at both ends of the worktable is recommended to allow correct alignment of the splice. 

e) Compressed air supply (if required) for the vulcanizing press. 

f) Suitable electrical supply and power points for the vulcanizing press. 

g) Water recirculation for the vulcanizing press if it has a water-cooling facility. 

h) Suitably rated clamps to restrain the belt during the complete procedure

i) If the work is proceeding on a live conveyor system, ensure the correct and complete isolation procedures have been adhered to

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