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Heat Resistant Polyester EP Carcass Conveyor Belt

Heat Resistant Polyester EP Carcass Conveyor Belt

We have developed conveyor belts that are heat resistant as well as wear resistant, resulting in a much longer operational lifespan. High temperatures can do serious damage to the actual conveyor belt carcass itself. Choosing the correct thickness of the cover is essential because the cover acts...

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We have developed conveyor belts that are heat resistant as well as wear resistant, resulting in a much longer operational lifespan. 

High temperatures can do serious damage to the actual conveyor belt carcass itself. Choosing the correct thickness of the cover is essential because the cover acts as a barrier between the heat source and the carcass.


Our heat resistant conveyor belts have been developed and refined over many years so that they are more than capable of meeting the demands of even the most extreme conditions, which in some cases can involve temperatures as high as 400°C.
Industries where our heat resistant conveyor belts are used with great success include the cement industry, recycling plants, the steel industry, foundries, the chemical industry and the petro-chemical industry. 

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1.thin belt body,high strength

2.soft and has good flexibility,easier to form trough
3.good impact resistance,abrasion resistance,corrosion resistance
4.suitable for moderately long distances and high load transportation under high-speed conditions.


1.implementing standard: GB/T20021-2005 standard 

2.Models: heat resistant conveyor belt can be divided into four types: 


Type 1: heat resistant temperature:not more than 100 °C , code T1
Type 2: heat resistant temperature:not more than 125 °C, code T2
Type 3: heat resistant temperature:not more than 150 °C, code T3
Type 4: heat resistant temperature:not more than 175 °C, code T4


Usage of Polyester EP carcass conveyor belt:


EP carcass conveyor belt is suitable for conveying a variety of non-corrosive,no spikes massive,granular,powder materials under room temperature,such as coal,gravel,cement,grain,ironstone,fertilizer,wood chip,other bulk materials or packaged items. It is widely used in mining,coal yard,metallurgy,construction,port,chemistry,agriculture,quarry,etc.

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Technical standards:National standard GB/T7984-2001

carcass materialfabric type



Number of 

fabric piles


Cover rubber


Belt width
Belt length
polyester (EP)EP1000.80 2-102003004005006001.5-8.00-4.5400-2500≤400
EP1250.85 250325450575700
EP1500.90 300450600750900
EP2001.05 40060080010001200500-2500
EP2501.25 500750100012501500
EP3001.35 2-6600900120015001800
EP3501.50 -1050140017502100600-2500
EP4001.80 --160020002400
EP5002.00 --200025003000


The cover rubber layer's physical properties:

grade of cover rubberTensile strength, 


at break,% ≥

abrasion loss,

Change rate of tensile strength and elongation

 at break after 70℃x168h aging

laceration resistant type(H)24450120-25 ~ +25
abrasion resistant type(D)18400100-25 ~ +25
ordinary type(L)15350200-25 ~ +25


The physical and mechanical properties after heat resistant experiment can conform to below requirements:   

ItemModel No.
range of variation
HardnessThe difference between before aging and after aging20±20±20
Max value after aging(IRHD)85
Tensile strengthlowest value after aging,Mpa121055
rate of property change reduces,%≤-25-30-40-40
elongation at breakrate of property change,%≤-50-55
lowest value after aging,%200180

Heat resistant polyester EP carcass conveyor belt (1).png


Abrasion value of cover rubber layer of heat resistant conveyor belt : 


We can also produce international standard Polyester EP carcass conveyor belt as below specifications:

StandardsCover RubberAdhesion
Tensile StrengthElongation at breakAbrasionCover to PlyCover to PlyPly to Ply
DIN 22102Mpa%mm3N/mmN/mmN/mm
DIN 22102-Z153502503.54.55
DIN 22102-W18400903.54.55
DIN 22102-Y204001503.54.55
DIN 22102-X254501203.54.55 
StandardsCover RubberAdhesion
Tensile StrengTDElongation at breakAbrasionCover to PlyCover to PlyPly to Ply
AS 1332Mpa%mm3N/mmN/mmN/mm
AS 1332-N171740020044.86
AS 1332-M242445012544.86 

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