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Conveyor Belting Nylon Belts NN 1000/4

Conveyor Belting Nylon Belts NN 1000/4

Monster Belting brand of Conveyor Belting at one of the most advanced,facilities in China.Incorporating the latest manufacturing techniques in processes beginning with Mixing, Calendaring and the like, to manufacturing of the Finished Products, all of which is In-House.

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1. The belts are designed to denote the full thickness breaking strength in kilo Newtons / metre width and the number of plies comprising the carcass. For example a rating of 31523 would denote a full thickness breaking strength of 315 kN/m width, comprising 3 plies of fabric reinforcement.
2. Carcass thicknesses and weights are subject to manufacturing tolerances. Belts with values other than in tables can be manufactured for special requirements. For FR grade belts, nominal carcass weight will be 20% extra approx. Monster Belting reserves the right to change above parameters without any notice in the light of technological developments.
3. Load support data is based on belt sag between idlers being limited to maximum 2% of idler span and idler nips of maximum 10 mm, with capacity utilization above 75%.
4. All belts are suitable for deep troughing idlers in commonly used widths for the given ratings.
5. Nominal cover weight per mm thickness may be taken as 1.1 kg/M2 for M24, N17 and HR grades.
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Cover Grades
A comprehensive range of Cover Grades covering a wide variety of applications is manufactured. These Cover grades conform to the most Stringent International Standards, across the range.

Quality Assurance
Conveyor Belting Division is ISO 9001 certified. Belting is manufactured under a detailed Quality Assurance Plan involving meticulous raw material testing, in-process controls and stringent finished product testing.

We comprehensive range is used for several applications including Mining, Quarries, Ports, Thermal Power Plants, Cement Plants, Steel Plants, Fertilizer Plants, Paper Manufacturing, Fertilizer Industry etc. Exports currently cover 15 countries across the world and growing Rapidly.


Belt Designation
PP or NN
(Nylon - Nylon)
Recommended Maximum Belt Tension
Carcass Weight
Maximum belt width (mm) for satisfactory load support for material bulk density upto (t/m 3)Minimum Belt
Width (mm) for Adequate Troughing of Empty Belt
* Rating(kN/m)(mm)(kg/m2)1.01.62,520°
30°/ 35°

* kN per mtr / No. of plies

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