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Steelcord Belts

Steelcord Belts

The steel cord's stress resistance makes this type of belt ideal for the mentioned applications.

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They incorporate steelcord tensioning longitudinally along the belt, and are normally used in large mining installations. They are often of great dimensions in length and capacity. The steel cord's stress resistance makes this type of belt ideal for the mentioned applications.


Furthermore, these belts also provide us with several additional advantages:


This type of belt has very low elongation values, thus facilitating the construction of installations many kilometres long.

More flexible than their equivalent with fabric reinforcement, they require drums with smaller diameters.
They have greater perforation resistance.

They are not subject to deformation either due to discontinuous heavy loads or external agents such as heat, cold, and humidity, thus ensuring the belt moves in a straight aligned fashion.

They allow for rubber coatings of any required thickness.

Breakages such as longitudinal slitting, damaged sides, or holes are easily repaired by hot vulcanisation, which guarantees the belt's long life.




Typically, conditions of work required of these bands when are extremely hard for what they have developed many qualities of rubber applied to every need with different rates of abrasion elongation, impact resistance, resistance to certain chemical products ... we combine with the usual flame retardant, and heatproof resistance, giving a range of possibilities for all market applications that we require.


 Minimum pulley diameter, depending on the use of the maximum allowable tensile strength of the band
TypeCords DiameterDistance between cordsWeight Kg/m2From >65% to 100%From >30% to <65%From >30%
ST 400

ST 5002.715.09.9500400315
ST 6303.112.010.6500400315
ST 8003.612.017.0630500400
ST 10003.612.017.9800630500
ST 12504.114.013.2800630500
ST 16005.015.014.81000800630
ST 20005.013.616.11000800630
ST 25006.615.025.012501000800
ST 31507.415.031.512501000800
ST 35007.915.035.912501000800
ST 40008.515.041.5140012501000
ST 45009.316.046.6140012501000
ST 500010.117.051.8160014001250
ST 540010.617.057.0160015001250
ST 630012.219.067.6180016001400
Weight of the rubber coverage per mm. thick in anti-abrasive type1.17 kg/m2

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