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Oil Resistant Conveyor Belts

Oil Resistant Conveyor Belts

We offer oil and grease resistant conveyor belts specifically designed to convey different types of materials that contain any kind of oil and fat, it will not effected by paraffin oil, naphthene oil, gasoline animal or vegetable fats, etc.

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Product Details

Product features:

  • Oil resistant belt carries parts and components coated with machine oil, heavy-oil treated coal in cooking plants and electric power generating plants, soybean draff, fish meat and other oily materials. Materials containing non-polar organic solvents and fuel.

  • The belt compounded of oil resistant synthetic rubber has good resistance to the damaging effects encountered when conveying oil contaminated or treated materials.

  • Oil resistant conveyor belt can be divided into two types according to cover properties: Anti-abrasive type(D) and Ordinary type(L).

 Belt Feature:

Less swelling when used with various types of oils.

Before soaking in coconut oilAfter soaking in coconut oil
General rubber belt
Monster rubber belt

Cover rubber property

ItemTensile Strength / MPAElongation at break / %Abrasion / mm3

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