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Multi-Ply Conveyor Belt

Multi-Ply Conveyor Belt

Multi-Ply Conveyor Belt

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    Rubber Conveyor Belt is generally composed of three main components:
    1. Cover Rubber (Top & Bottom Covers)
    2. Carcass
    3. Rubber Skim Coat
    4. The additional reinforce Breaker fabric or Monofilament could be used for extra protection.

    GPGeneral Purpose (DIN-Z, RMA2)
    GR2Good resistance to cutting and gouging (AS-N, RMA1)
    GR1Impact Resistant (DIN-X, AS-M)
    SAR2Super Abrasion (DIN-Y)
    SAR1Superior Resistance to abrasion (DIN-W)
    MORModerate Oil Resistant
    OROil Resistant
    SORSuperior Oil Resistant
    HRHeat Resistant to 120℃
    HORHeat & Oil Resistant
    FERFire Resistant & Anti-Static

    NNNylon / Nylon, flexible to adopt small pulleys.
    EPPolyester / Nylon, offers the low stretch characteristics.
    SWStraight Warp Construction Fabric
    CFWCrow Foot Weave Fabric
    Breaker FabricA special woven fabric to improve gouge and tear resistant
    XE(Monofilament)Cross stabilized construction
    Cotton30oz, 32oz, Excellent heat and bending resistant, low elongation

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