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Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt

  • Polyester Fabric Conveyor Belt

    Polyester Fabric Conveyor Belt

    The general fabric conveyor belt means the conveyor belt is made of EP,NN,or Cotton fabric and finished through the processes of calendering,firming and vulcanizing.Read More

  • PVC Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

    PVC Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

    1) fire resistant, anti-static,
    2) shock resistant, corrosion resistant,
    3) high strength, abrasion resistant
    Read More

  • Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt For Ports

    Steel Cord Rubber Conveyor Belt For Ports

    Steel Cord rubber conveyor Belt for Ports and Tear Resistance Steel Cord Conveyor Belt for coal mining.Read More

  • All Kinds Of Conveyor Belt

    All Kinds Of Conveyor Belt

    Textile Conveyor Belts Includes EP ,EE, NN fabric conveyor belts. We could produce textile conveyor belts as per GB ,JIS ,ISO,DIN,BS,AS,IS,SABS,MSHA,RMA standards. NN conveyor belts are used better for high impact transportation EE conveyor belts are used for light & low...Read More

  • Anti-tearing (Ripstop) Conveyor Belt

    Anti-tearing (Ripstop) Conveyor Belt

    Characteristics: The anti-tear(ripstop) conveyor belt has highly extensible transverse steel cords or polyester cords evenly arranged in the top(or both top and bottom) cover. The anti-tear layer is perpendicular to the running direction of the belt. Used mainly in belts for...Read More

  • Traction Rope Conveyor Belt

    Traction Rope Conveyor Belt

    Read More

  • Fire Retardant Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Fire Retardant Resistant Conveyor Belt

    Product Description Our fire resistant conveyor belts are designed to the highest standards ,to transport combustible materials like coal dust, gas and fertilizer. Property -- High strength -- Low elongation -- Resistant to impact -- Static electricity conductive and...Read More

  • Conveyor Belting Nylon Belts NN 1000/4

    Conveyor Belting Nylon Belts NN 1000/4

    Monster Belting brand of Conveyor Belting at one of the most advanced,facilities in China.Incorporating the latest manufacturing techniques in processes beginning with Mixing, Calendaring and the like, to manufacturing of the Finished Products, all of which is In-House.Read More

  • Fabric Conveyor Belt

    Fabric Conveyor Belt

    fabric belts are widely used in many industries. Our Fabric Belts are suitable for short to medium conveyor lengths. Struture NF(Nylon) Belt High Durability Small Pulley Diameter High heat resistance High impact resistance Excellent adhesion to rubber EP(Polyester)Belt Low...Read More

  • Steel Conveyor Belt

    Steel Conveyor Belt

    Tackling long distances with Conveyor Belt technology Due to the high tensile strength of the belts longer span length is possible, making the conveyor system more efficient and suitable for mass transportation. Struture Applications/ Supply Record (Examples) Overland...Read More



    DECKMAMTEL DECKMAMTEL: • schwarzerSBR/NBR Kautschuk •antistatisch • selbstlöschend ISO 340 • bestanding gegen pflanzliche und tierische fette • Decken 3+1,3mm starke auf der scheineseite fur ene bessere haftung und langere lebensdauer • Abriebfestigkeit:ISO 4649< 170MM3...Read More

  • Eye Link Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt For Food Processing

    Eye Link Wire Mesh Conveyor Belt For Food Processing

    Eye link metal wire belt gets it name through the processing: wires are formed into eye links and joined with rods. Mesh opening is increased by inserting collars or spot welding. Key industry applied is food processing including Baking, Freezing and Washing.Read More

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