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Off-Set Galvanized Conveyor Brackets

Off-Set Galvanized Conveyor Brackets

off-Set Galvanized Conveyor Brackets

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Product Details

Off-Set Galvanized Conveyor Brackets

Diameter: 50 to 219mm
Length: 190 to 3, 500mm
Used in the steel industry, harbor, coal industry, power industry, cement industry, and more
Tube: Customized welded steel tube
Shaft: Bright drawn steel to required bearing tolerance
Shaft end: Both ends of tube are simultaneously machined and chamfered
Bearing: Single and double row deep groove ball bearing 2RZ and 2Z with C3 clearance

off-set station conveyor roller

Galvanized Conveyor Bracket/ Frame for Conveyor

SPD Galvanized Conveyor Roller Frame, Roller Bracket Discripton: 

Our roller range: 
Carrying roller, return roller, impact roller, vertical roller, self-alignment roller, side roller, through roller, roller group etc.

SPD Products Details: 

SPD Galvanized Conveyor Roller Frame, Roller Bracket Details: 

Mining Engineering for Belt Conveyor Bracket Set

Features of Bracket Frame set

Frames datasheet
Standard: DIN15207, DIN22107, ISO1537, GB10595
Certificate: ISO, SGS
Type conveyor  DTII, TD75
Bearing NO: 6204/6205//6306/6307/6308 etc
Material: carbon steel, Steel
Belt width: from 300mm to 2000mm

Steel roller shelf bracket
1, It is used to support the roller.
2,Hot dip galvanized, rust resistance.
3, Roller frame is an important component of a machine.

4,According to different requirements of customers

Production capacity
as usual 3000 pieces/ week, but an urgent order is acceptable

The life time: more than 30000 hours
Samples for testing are available.
The more relaxed payment terms

Standard: GB, ISO, CEMA, DIN, JIS 
Belt conveyor frame/bracket Welding: Mixed gas shielded arc welding end
Painting: ordinary painting, hot galvanized painting, electric static spraying painting, baked painting

Package: Plywood cases, wooden case, wooden pallet, etc

Roller Size

  No.Standard DiameterLength Range
Bearing Type
Shell Thickness of Roller


163.52 1/2150-3500203 2043.0mm-4.0mm
3893 1/3150-3500204 2053.0mm-4.5mm
41024150-3500204 205 206 3053.2mm-4.5mm
51084 1/4150-3500204 205 206 305 3063.5mm-4.5mm
61144 1/2150-3500204 205 206 305 3063.5mm-4.5mm
71275150-3500204 205 206 305 3063.5mm-5.0mm
81335 1/4150-3500204 205 206 207 305 3063.5mm-5.0mm
91405 1/2150-3500205 206 207 305 306 3073.5mm-5.0mm
101526150-3500205 206 207 305 306 307 3084.0mm-5.0mm
111596 1/4150-3500205 206 207 305 306 307 3084.0mm-5.0mm
121656 1/2150-3500206 207 305 306 307 3084.5mm-6.0mm
13177.87150-3500207 306 307 308 3094.5mm-6.0mm
14190.77 1/2150-3500207 306 307 308 309 3104.5mm-7.0mm
151947 5/8150-3500207 306 307 308 309 3104.5mm-8.0mm
162198 5/8150-3500308 309 310 3124.5mm-8.0mm

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