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UHMW-PE Roller

UHMW-PE Roller

Model: Φ76/89/108/133/159 Tube diameter: 76/89/108/133/159mm Tube material/Thickness: Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene/10~15mm Shaft Material/Diameter: Bright-draw steel axle/20/25/30/35/40mm Bearing Brand: SKF/FAG/LYC/HRB Matched bandwidth: 500/650/800/1000/1200/1400mm Introduction Ultra high...

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Product Details
  • Model:Φ76/89/108/133/159

  • Tube diameter:76/89/108/133/159mm

  • Tube material/Thickness:Ultra High Molecular Polyethylene/10~15mm

  • Shaft Material/Diameter:Bright-draw steel axle/20/25/30/35/40mm

  • Bearing Brand:SKF/FAG/LYC/HRB

  • Matched bandwidth:500/650/800/1000/1200/1400mm

Ultra high molecular polyethylene roller (UHMW-PE Roller) is an advanced product which is to substitute stainless roller, which has some disadvantages such as heavy, easy to be eroded, easy to stick with transporting material, high static electricity and others. it includes ultrahigh molecular polyethylene pipe which is produced by high technology as its body, bearing seat and seal are fully rubber material made by one-time. Then, they are sealed with three layers of water-proof and dust-proof installation via labyrinth and contact method

1. Good lubricity and not bonding, so no bonding and piling up material on the surface of the idler. Guarantee the steady operation of the belt conveyor.
2. Friction coefficient is much lower than steel, reduce the friction between the idler and belt, that reduces the driving force of the belt conveyor.
3. Long working life, is 3~5 times of the steel.
4. Because of the good performance of the UHMW-PE, also extending the working life of the belt conveyor.
5. Light weight which is 1/3~1/2 of the steel weight, conveniently installing and changing, reducing the maintenance and labor intensity and also reducing the 25% electricity.
6. Effectively reducing the operation noise, UHMW-PE has better shock absorbing performance and damping performance.
7. Good load bearing performance and anti-corrosive performance, it can be meet the heavy load of the belt conveyor according to adjusting the thickness
8. Adapt to large scope of the working temperature. ( can work from -40℃ ~ 80℃) 

Ultra High Molecular Roller is the substitution product of stainless roller; it is also equipped in the belt conveyor, which is widely used in coal mines, metallurgy, ports, construction site, power station, and chemical, especially in food and medicine industries.

Comparison test data of gantry service life(UHMW-PE Roller and Metal Roller)

Group No.Test bearing Inertial time pre-test Rotary resistance pre-test Time to failureInertial time after testTemperature rising in test
First GroupUHMW-PE536/27610730
First GroupMetal1425.9×10-318Not run60
Second GroupUHMW-PE556/4233925
Second GroupMetal1364.0×10-27Not run60
Third GroupUHMW-PE8946.8×10-35362030
Third GroupMetal3831.4×10-252Not run60
Fourth GroupUHMW-PE8213.9×10-25362930
Fourth GroupMetal2631.8×10-2121Not run60

Rollers conveyors

We provide a production and deliveries of idler rollers according to ISO:

  • ISO - DIN 15207

  • ISO - DIN 22107

  • ISO - ČSN 1537

  1. upper carrier rollers smooth

  2. upper carrier rollers impact

  3. lower disk rollers

  4. smooth bottom rollers

  5. guard rollers

Selection Conditions
Due to the different standards for rollers in different countries,we will very appreciate if you can provide us the corresponding layout drawing to normally install the roller with the matching equipment.
If can’t,please refer to the following picture and provide the core parameters for a better quote and production:b______mm;d _____mm;f _____mm;h_____mm;L_____mm


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