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Driving Pulley And Bend Pulley For Belt Conveyor

Driving Pulley And Bend Pulley For Belt Conveyor

Conveyor Pulley is the main transmission belt conveyor components , there are two kinds of drive roller and the bend pulley , driving pulley may be made upon request , smooth or cast rubber tread surface . 1 . Easy installation and good flexibility; 2 . Strong force of friction, low vibration; 3...

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Product Details

Conveyor Pulley  is the main transmission belt conveyor componentsthere are two kinds of driveroller and the bend pulleydriving pulley may be made upon requestsmooth or castrubber tread surface.


1 . Easy installation and good flexibility;

2 . Strong force of friction, low vibration;

3 . Dust-proof and water-proof, both acid and alkali have no effect to our conveyor pulley;

4 . Fine welding technique ensures roller with low vibration and noise;

5 . Strict inspection standard ensures our high quality processing;

6.  Stable running and min 50,000 hours standard lifetime.

Technical Parameters: (The diameter can be made as requires.)

Driving Pulley (rubber surface)
Belt Width Standard Diameter of Pulley 
500 mm500mm
650 mm500mm,630 mm
800 mm500mm,630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm
1000 mm630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm
1200 mm630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm
1400 mm630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm
1600 mm630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm
1800 mm630mm,800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm
2000 mm800mm,1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm
2200 mm1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm
2400 mm1000mm,1250mm,1400 mm


Bend Pulley (smooth surface & rubber surface)
Belt Width Standard Diameter of Pulley (mm)
500 mm250,315,400,500
650 mm250,315,400,500,630 
800 mm250,315,400,500,630,800,1000,1250
1000 mm250,315,400,500,630,800,1000,1250,1400
1200 mm250,315,400,500,630,800,1000,1250,1400
1400 mm315,400,500,630,800,1000,1250,1400
1600 mm400,500,630,800,1000,1250,1400
1800 mm400,500,630,800,1000,1250,1400
2000 mm500,630,800,1000,1250,1400
2200 mm630,800,1000,1250,1400
2400 mm800,1000,1250,1400

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